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Our Staff at The Tent Guys

About Our Staff

Welcome to The Tent Guys, where passion, precision, and creativity converge to elevate your events to unforgettable heights. Owned and operated by the dynamic duo of Pam and Landon Becotte, our company is a testament to our shared vision of helping wherever possible to make all the events we have the opportunity to be part of the best and most enjoyable experiences possible.

Pam, a certified event planner with over 20 years of invaluable experience, is the driving force behind the flawless execution of every detail. Having planned most of the biggest events in Lloydminster throughout her illustrious career, Pam brings a wealth of local knowledge and expertise to every project. Her commitment to her clients, coupled with her extensive background, ensures that each event, regardless of size, is orchestrated seamlessly, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Complementing Pam's expertise is Landon's creative flair and hands-on approach. With a background in the military, construction, and sales. Landon tries to add a unique quality to our diverse range of events. His passion for creating and getting the job done, is only one of the many things setting The Tent Guys apart as leaders in the industry.

Together, Pam and Landon have cultivated a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction, quality, and innovation. The Tent Guys' extensive inventory includes a wide array of tents, marquees, and event accessories, ensuring that we can cater to the distinct needs of each event. Whether it's a lively corporate gathering, sophisticated wedding, or a tradeshow of any size, The Tent Guys are your trusted partners in turning visions into reality.

At the core of our business is a commitment to excellence, reliability, and personalized service. Pam and Landon believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, understanding their vision, and working tirelessly to exceed expectations. With a focus on customer-centric values, The Tent Guys' team is dedicated to ensuring that every event becomes not just an occasion but an unforgettable experience.

Thank you for considering us for your corporate offerings and the special moments in your life. Pam and I really appreciate the opportunity.

Pam - Co-Owner/Certified Event Planner

The Tent Guys, where the magic of community events unfolds with precision and passion. At the helm of our group is Pam, a certified event planner with an impressive track record of over 20 years in the industry. Pam's journey in event planning has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by a dedication to creating experiences that linger in the hearts of attendees.

Pam's extensive career has seen her orchestrating both the biggest and smallest celebrations in Lloydminster, earning her the well-deserved reputation as a go-to expert for events of all scales. From corporate galas, charity events, community festivals, exquisite weddings and even the odd backyard hoe-down Pam's touch has transformed ordinary spaces into extraordinary settings, leaving an indelible mark on the local event landscape.

Her nuanced understanding of the unique dynamics of Lloydminster, combined with an acute awareness of the latest industry trends, positions Pam as a leader in the field. Pam's commitment to staying ahead of the curve ensures that every event under her guidance is infused with fresh ideas, innovation, and a touch of local charm.

As a certified event planner, Pam brings not only her wealth of experience but also a structured and organized approach to the planning process. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that no aspect is overlooked, and every element seamlessly aligns with the client's vision. Her collaborative spirit and world class communication skills foster professional and detailed planning experience for our clients.

Pam's commitment to excellence shines through in every event she and her team undertake. And as the heart of The Tent Guys, Pam's dedication, experience, and creativity set the tone for our company's commitment to turning your event dreams into reality.

Landon - Co-Owner

Now, let's turn the spotlight to Landon - a true "Jack of all Trades, master of none" in the best sense. Landon's hands-on approach and diverse skill set make him an invaluable asset to The Tent Guys. With his unique background and a reputation for tackling any challenge with enthusiasm, he brings a can-do attitude to every project.

Landon's versatility, adaptability and problem-solving prowess is a key element in the success of our events. From crafting custom tent designs to overseeing on-site installations, his willingness to wear multiple hats ensures that every aspect of an event receives the attention it deserves.

Derek - General Manager

Introducing Derek, our esteemed General Manager at The Tent Guys, whose wealth of experience and unique background add a new dimension to our dynamic team. Derek's journey, rooted in a lifelong career as a truck driver, brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of skills to the table.

Having navigated the highways and byways for his entire professional life, Derek brings a meticulous and detail-oriented approach to his role as the General Manager. His experience in logistics, time management, and problem-solving makes him an invaluable asset in ensuring the smooth operation of our tent and event rental services.

Derek's transition from truck driver to General Manager speaks volumes about his adaptability, leadership skills, and dedication to personal and professional growth. His innate ability to handle diverse challenges, coupled with a commitment to excellence, makes him the perfect fit to oversee the intricate logistics of our operations.

Beyond his professional expertise, Derek's down-to-earth nature and approachable demeanor make him a crucial link in fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. His passion for precision, learned from years on the road, translates seamlessly into ensuring that every client's expectations are not only met but exceeded.

In his role as General Manager, Derek is dedicated to enhancing the overall experience for our clients, ensuring that every event, from concept to execution, is executed seamlessly. His unique journey from truck driver to General Manager encapsulates the spirit of The Tent Guys, where diverse skills and backgrounds converge to create a harmonious and efficient team.

Don - Operations Manager

Meet Don, our seasoned Operations Manager at The Tent Guys, whose rich background as a rancher and cowboy brings a unique blend of wisdom, dedication, and a touch of the frontier spirit to our team. At 65 years young, Don's experience and passion for excellence make him an integral part of our mission to deliver exceptional tent and event rental services.

Don's lifelong journey as a rancher and cowboy has instilled in him a work ethic rooted in resilience, adaptability, and a deep respect for meticulous planning. These qualities seamlessly translate into his role as Operations Manager, where he oversees the day-to-day activities that contribute to the success of our events.

Don's understanding of logistics, honed through years of managing the intricate workings of a ranch, lends itself perfectly to the challenges of event operations. His ability to navigate complex situations with a calm demeanor and practical approach ensures that every detail is accounted for, contributing to the flawless execution of our services.

Being 65 years young, you would think he’s is about to hang it up, but no, Don's energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence defy conventional expectations. (just talk to him at a tradeshow) His unwavering dedication to the team, coupled with a wealth of knowledge accumulated over a lifetime, makes him a guiding force in maintaining the high standards The Tent Guys are known for.

Beyond his operational prowess, Don's genuine and approachable nature fosters a positive work environment. His stories of ranch life and cowboy adventures not only entertain but also serve as a source of inspiration for the entire team. Don's presence adds a touch of authenticity to our operations, reflecting the diverse backgrounds that come together to make The Tent Guys a dynamic and innovative company.

Brian - Crew Chief

Meet Brian, the energetic and dedicated Crew Chief at The Tent Guys, whose youthful enthusiasm is complemented by over 6 years of invaluable experience within our company. Brian's journey from a young recruit to an essential part of our team reflects his unwavering commitment and passion for delivering top-notch tent and event rental services.

Starting with The Tent Guys at a younger age, Brian has grown alongside the company, honing his skills and becoming an integral part of our success story. His journey is a testament to the opportunities for growth and development within our close-knit team.

As a Crew Chief, Brian is the heartbeat of our on-site operations, overseeing the installation and dismantling of tents and event structures with precision and efficiency. His hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of our inventory make him a go-to resource for our crew, ensuring that every event setup meets our exacting standards.

Brian's youthful energy is infectious, bringing a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere to our team. His ability to tackle challenges with a fresh perspective, combined with the seasoned insights gained from years of experience, makes him a valuable asset in ensuring smooth and successful event executions.

Beyond his technical expertise, Brian's friendly demeanor and natural leadership skills contribute to a positive and collaborative work environment. His camaraderie with the crew fosters a sense of teamwork and shared dedication to delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Lucy - Bookkeeper/Event Planner

Meet Lucy, our dynamic Event Planner and Bookkeeper at The Tent Guys, bringing a vibrant blend of creativity and financial acumen to our team. Hailing from Australia, Lucy's unique background and cultural influences, coupled with her dual role as an event planner and bookkeeper, add a touch of international flair and organizational precision to our events.

Lucy seamlessly manages the financial aspects of our operations. Her role as a bookkeeper/planner/telling Landon where he is going that day/keeping Landon from burning the place down demonstrates her ability to balance creativity with meticulous attention to detail. Also with the added responsibility of having two young children and a husband working in the oilfield, Lucy's understanding of the local community and her multitasking prowess make her a valuable asset to our team. Her event planning skills are not just about creating beautiful moments but also ensuring the financial side of each project is handled with accuracy and efficiency.

Jonah - Crew Chief

Meet Jonah, the spirited and ambitious Crew Chief at The Tent Guys, whose youthful energy and dedication make him a rising star within our team. At only 19 years old, Jonah has spent the past year with us, making a significant impact in his first job and contributing to the success of our events.

Jonah's journey with The Tent Guys is a testament to his commitment to learning and growing within the company. Despite being relatively new to the workforce, his enthusiasm and eagerness to take on responsibilities have quickly set him apart as an essential leader of our crews.

As a Crew Chief, Jonah plays a crucial role in overseeing event setups and installations. His ability to learn quickly and adapt to the fast-paced environment showcases a maturity beyond his years. Beyond his technical skills, Jonah's positive attitude and willingness to tackle any task contribute to a collaborative and efficient work environment. His dedication to the job and the team aligns seamlessly with The Tent Guys' commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Join us in celebrating Jonah's one-year milestone with The Tent Guys. With his youthful exuberance, can-do attitude, and commitment to excellence, Jonah is a valuable asset to our team. Together with Pam, Landon, Derek, Don, Brian, Lucy, and the rest of our dedicated crew, Jonah is contributing to the success of The Tent Guys, one event at a time.